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We monitor climate change on the Monviso massif using Pera® IoT sensors.

Pera® – the IoT environmental sensor that integrates into the landscape.

Pera® is the IoT sensor designed by lab3841 to work in any environment, natural or artificial, even in extreme weather conditions.

Pera® has been entirely designed and prototyped by the Italian company lab3841 in Cuneo (Italy) and then tested within the Alpine environment. In particular, three units were installed on the walls of Monviso, the iconic mountain of Piedmont, close to the French border.

Its name is Pera — which in Piedmontese dialect means “stone” — because its outer shell imitates the aspect of a mountain rock. This allows it to blend seamlessly into the natural environment, minimizing its visual impact on the landscape. It is also capable of autonomously harvesting from the external environment the energy necessary for its operations and data transmission.

On September 16th, 2022, two Pera® were placed on the so-called Re di Pietra (“King of Stone”, a nice nickname for the Monviso) thanks to a hybrid team of engineers, programmers, and mountaineers. The sensors currently measuring temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, light hours and other parameters related to Monviso.

In the same way, other Pera® IoT sensors can be placed within forests, farm fields, urban contexts or buildings, and monitor any type of environment.

Pera® – IoT sensor developed by lab3841, Cuneo, Italy

Extreme environment,
extreme performance.

It's compact.

Small in size, robust and completely watertight.

Low environmental impact.

It is powered by energy mainly derived from the environment in which it is located.

It resists the harshest environmental conditions.

With an extended operating range from -40°C to +70°C, it enables data collection even under extreme conditions.

No maintenance required.

Construction choices and its ultra-low power system guarantee uninterrupted running for at least 10 years.

It's modular.

It can be assembled with different sensors, depending on the environment in which it is placed and the purpose of monitoring.


The integrated long-range transmitter enables remote data collection without on-site intervention.

What parameters does Pera® measure?

✴︎ temperature
✴︎ humidity
✴︎ atmospheric pressure
✴︎ wetting state
✴︎ hours of light
✴︎ location and orientation

Data collected by Pera®
are always accessible
and available for remote consultation.

All information is openly accessible on the dedicated web app.

In this way, citizens, research organizations and Public Administrations can view data based on reliable measurements updated in real time, and plan targeted actions to safeguard the environment and territory.

The operational steps

In 2022 we installed the first three Pera®, on the southern and eastern slopes of Monviso.


Spring 2022

Outdoor experimentation began with the help of volunteers and collaborators.

Summer 2022

We placed three Pera® on Monviso at different altitudes and exposures.


Autumn 2022

The data collected by Pera® were published online on the dedicated web app.

Beginning 2023

We will know whether Pera® has been able to withstand the difficult conditions at high altitude.


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